based on a true story

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Toni went out to the snack line   To indulge as she did time after time.   But as she stood, waiting for a snack so fine,  
You are the one who is truly worthy. The type of gift that I will always cherish. You come from a culture that is earthy. Our mutual love will never perish.   My mind is tough, but my heart was broken.
Before you was warm, natural and comfortable. The beginnings of a life so old, yet new. I could be happy, mad, bland, or blue. With you I felt so vulnerable. Emotions grew, good and bad,
                                                                               Stars of Solace It has always intrigued me that you found solace in the stars, To become wonderfully lost in the peaceful bliss of the universe,
A tale of a Big Sister, and the Little who changed her life!
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