Toni And The Sugar Cookie Saga

Toni went out to the snack line


To indulge as she did time after time.


But as she stood, waiting for a snack so fine,


She decided that she didn’t want to pay the nickel-and-dimes.


So she planned her quest,


Which would satisfy her cravings,


The recipe would make all the rest


So she could have her sugar cookies and her savings.


It would be easy,


Get to the factory that made her vice,


Steal a recipe sheet, and bake and eat till she got queasy


But her bank account would not have to pay the price


Toni goes out after school


The factory is ten miles away,


She has gas in her car and feels rather cool,


This was the highlight of that day.


She goes to the place,


And hopes for a taste


But as the door opens and she sees the guard’s face,


She decides to leave without haste.


And as the guard looks,


With a strange gaze in his eyes,


He says “Those kooks.


At least she tries.”


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