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So It’s Clear That I’m A Poetic HEAVY HITTER ... !!! Because My Rhymes Hit HARDER Than HITLER ... !!! ................... See What I Mean ................. !!! I Hit Ya Like Mike Did To Yup ... Mitch Green ... !!!
Ya Know I've Heard It Said By Older Heads... COMPETITION Is Part of Human STRENGTH... !!!
spit nasty like sum gross shit you wouldn't wanna taste it hand over ya mouth i know i kill metopors awe the mind point still extremely blatant
Words on a page like birds on a plane just a double standard no words can explain I tried to figure out what the birds tried to say Tweet, tweet, tweet, not a social media page
when i knock on it, my head sounds hollow. it’s unsurprising. nothing good has been made in there for days, my brain might have shriveled up in its static, echoey cavity.  
It was like he was age ten again, Tired from an outdoor adventure, having fallen asleep, And, after a brief jostle in which Father Picked him up to put to bed, He was drowning In warmth and happiness.
Under one nation What is one nation We fight a war for peace Please Its all an excuse To hide from the truth We are never satisfied We live a life smothered in lies.
Living out of bags Going from friends to friends When Life gets this bad When It ends, It ends You put the buzzed to the side Cause you know they've lost your mind And the world says you lost
I want to make you moan Alyssa But the Smile on your face keep my heart warm I want to do the things Picasso was not doing Spray and pray and everywhere you look is red ink But somebody already leggo'd your eggo
if. the two letters stuck in the middle of this crazy thing called   life. the four letters that can be amazing or we can say if   only. the one word
The things i go through cause me too, remeber why I, need to be sharper than knives. Brighter than crayola, addicting like Coke, Addicting like coke, A, Cold adolescent addressing, the things in my thoughts.
Where it Lies And here in this poem is where it lies With hope and longing torn apart My pain and torture shown through my demise
Here amongst phonemes and graphemes I can hide the truth. Words have the power to expose, But they also hold the power to conceal. Poetry lets me play outside the laws and boundaries of prose. I can neglect the period
temptation, lust, decite... tears, pain, defeat my life had been filled with these deformities of life. forgiveness, forgetting, reliving, believing. happiness, wholesomeness, blessings, amazing.
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