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There’s a bar in the mojave desert. Most don't know how to get there, Only hearing the mutters of instructions from drunken strangers, But they all have same eyes,
Many times I brood alone Thinking of the world’s melancholy mourning Bearing the weight of creation Upon my hateful human heart,   Until a presence fills me 
Cat's Claw Rose Petals double Yarrow Marigold   Dancing under the Moon's luminescence that seeps into my kitchen
A flowering brush silently drips and perspires under the regulation of the dawn. Bees spawn amongst the first lit blooms, humoring the early bird.
A flower from a meadow of a forgotten childhood memory Carbonated taste of a soda shared after a movie The clammy sweat from the palm of a young nervous couple
Last night I thought that the Moon had disappeared. A clear sky with no Moon When I knew it should be a quarter full I'm still not sure where it went
My imp follows beside me.My cat is walking too.My wisp is flying above with glee,and my Mandrake is strolling true.
A spell for youand a spell for me.With a wand made fromthe Witch's Tree.   An elder branch, and rosey quartswe gather here today.With Oak smoke pure, and willow leaf,we shall be on our way.
To bring about a gust of windall you need is three things:Some willow branch, and twine to tieand a place where birds could sing.  
A killer of beasts Thats what I am. A soldier of God. He has chosen me to destroy the Evil.   All of the weak; a suffering man. the devil persists, but I am to protect 
She came treading pale footsteps, in the light of eternal moon, broken rays intertwining in twigs and leaves,
Shudder and scream! A witch grows near! This is not a dream,  for the witch is here.    History is wrong.  A bad story told for far too long.       
The screaming has ceased
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