To Bring About Wind!

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 10:42 -- Leaf

To bring about a gust of wind
all you need is three things:
Some willow branch, and twine to tie
and a place where birds could sing.


You strip the leaves from the weeping branch
and tie the twine in a knot
around the end of the thickest part.
It's better tight than not.


Now once your whisk is put together,
and your twine is tried and true,
you climb up to a really high peak
that's not too high for you.


'Wind, I bid, do come to me!'
You chant as you swing whisk above.
'With Whisk made from the willow tree,
your presence I would love!'


A pressure change, and maybe temp too,
you will feel soon after.
Then you stop your swinging game,
for Hraeselvg's wings do patter.


The wind will come, if spirit's be true,
and a weather witch is born.
For you've completed an age old spell
from times that've been forlorn.


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