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  Take my hand, little one
  She wanders somewhere 'neath the tower. Moonlight on her mind.  Big Ben's face to keep the hour, Lost Girl seeks to find.   She lost it somewhere, she's grown sure, Around this part of town,
Once upon a time There were seven kingdoms Founded by seven sisters And blessed by an immortal witch The stories of these kingdoms You may find familiar But know that all is not as it was told  
Tink.He calls me.Tink.He calls me.Love.He never calls me.Wendy.He calls her.   That is why I wear Green.  
Second Star to the right Past Big Ben Where you must go Is what I'm told It's what I've heard but where to  is my concern My last thought  b- before I fell Wishing
I could have sworn I was there to stay, but time was slipping away like grains of sand. Now, from reality, I must get away! Please, someone, take me back to Neverland.  
Be the Peter to my Wendy and we’ll grow young together. With nimble feet and sewn on shadows we’ll drift into a bank of memories piled high and stored in well-lit jars for our wrinkled years.
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