Wendy's Lullaby


Take my hand, little one

Take my hand and we'll fly
To a land that's far away
Past the second star to the right.
With faith and trust as our wings 
And our hands clasped tight
Off to Never Neverland 
In the moonlit London night.




And I know they say

Fairy tales can't be true
But believe me, my Darling,
You'll see it yourself some day
With a grinning red-haired boy
 And his little sparkling sprite
They'll take you off to Neverland 

In the moonlit London night.



Goodnight, My Darling,

Goodnight, My Love.
As you drift off to sleep,
May your dreams take flight.
With your teddy close by  

And the moon shining bright,

Off to Never, Never Neverland....

In the magical, moonlit night.



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