The Ability To Fly

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 19:08 -- tea.

Second Star to the right

Past Big Ben

Where you must go

Is what I'm told

It's what I've heard

but where to 

is my concern

My last thought 

b- before I fell


Urgently needing

The ability to fly


A happy place is hard to find 

Happy thoughts aren't endless in supply

Point made?

It's hard to fly

It's hard to fly when the young 

Grow up way too fast

The time of innocence 

quickly pass


It's hard to fly

When Wendy Darling

who lived her life


A fantastic adventure

A fairytale...

Grew up

Her promise to Peter


There's no one

to tell this tale

of Neverland


Tinker bell

With her short fairy life span

That all fairies had

stayed with Peter

For as long as she can

but day by day

her light grew dimmer and dimmer

Her wings gave off less and less pixie dust

until Finally

She faded

Burned with just enough enough time to say


Not many people believed I guess, but Peter doesn't understand.

He'll NEVER understand

Like the child he'll laways be.


He keeps tink in her bed 

with not a worry.

She's just resting!

He says to himself

Yeah! She's just taking a nap!

And with a painful smile he flies off

All by himself

For the Darling girls

his acting mothers

have ran away


they've grown up

Each one longed for the affection

A boy could not give.


And the pirates?

The pirates 

No longer fly 

To capture children in the night

For what use is there?

They never leave Neverland

In fear of Peter Pan

Who killed their Captain Hook.

On that day Peter became a hero

While the pirates?

They lost their leader

So, they hide

tucked in the corner of the vast blue sea.

Peter Pan 

forever young

is isolated within his own naivete

For the lost boys

aren't lost 

They left Neverland

They grew up

Each had little boys of their own

They've forgotten Neverland

They've forgotten Peter Pan

Hook, the pirates, mermaids, Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell

Most importantly they forgot 

How to fly

Their grown up worries weigh them down

cloud their minds

They couldn't fly

Each one thought 

They Hoped 

that they would stay young forever

They took time for a fool

They took for granted the past

That their memories would last

That their legacy would live on

It did not

Their lives are now 

Fairy talies

little tales


told to children

To pass the time

To calm their fears

But all too quickly 

childhood fears disappear

No more time for Fairy Tales

No more time for the childhood

That I 

With anguish

reluctantly let slip through my fingers

Like sand it fell

And I,

I was unable to contain the grains

The little seconds of my precious time. 

It's hard to fly

when Fairy Tales

Myths, and Legends

Start to die

When the sands of time

Quickly fall

Not leaving anyone behind

Time seizes all

Trapping us,

our memories

With such disdain

Our childhood forgotten.

When noone believes

in Faith and Trust

Or even pixie dust

I-I couldn't fly.





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