Girl, Lost:


She wanders somewhere 'neath the tower.

Moonlight on her mind. 

Big Ben's face to keep the hour,

Lost Girl seeks to find.


She lost it somewhere, she's grown sure,

Around this part of town,

The most important part of her,

Of which can not be found.


She weaves a brave mythology,

To understand her plight.

Creates a boy with winged feet,

Who stole it in the night.


Hallucogenic pixie dust,

He somehow put her under,

He took her person, took her trust,

He tore her heart asunder.


Took all her love and all her care,

So he'd stay young forever,

Then left her at her window bare,

For some land west of Never.


Now she wanders, toes all scarred,

And mutters to the night.

Eyes darting up to curse a star,

Cast second to the right.


For when she walks, she is alone,

There's no one there to follow,

A girl with none to call her own.

A girl who's lost her shadow.








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