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  I listen as he plays The pan flute in front Of a beautiful waterfall. I close my eyes and I am transported Above the scene And fly with the eagle...   Susan Maree Jeavons
I got on the ropeway for my rendezvous,Yell! Those arresting eventful near twenty minutes!Though a sudden trip, first time had a birds eye view,Of the most gripping serene sights from the peak.
Night is speckled by the full of the moonwater descends to glistening croonspink and violet ballerinas, pirouette on floating padsto the rhythm of blue ripples lapping the sand
The iconic place in my Dream, Is the symbol of quirky peace. The verdant land, azure sky And Flowers of multiple colours, Which one I should describe, Red, yellow or purple blur.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, A beauty is amazing, And so are you.  Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare, Tresses are blonde, And so is your hair.  Magnolia grows, With buds like eggs, Muscles are smooth, And so are your legs.  Sunflowers rea
Surrounded by voices; I was a <murmur>.  Fear had stolen my lips away, Locked them in a vault under the sea-   Why?   My mind was confused.
I'm shaken, I'm shaking but not from the thunder pretty soon then, my heart booms but not from the lightning The weather outside is nothing compared to the way I feel when anxious, hyper, and scared
A cool waterfall To a rushing river far Flowing to the sea
My heart is heavy.it is a wrecking ball: stone cold and rock solid.weighing me down.the weight of it,
Creator of Waterfalls   I look up slowly to capture in my vision the full splendor of the Bright and powerful cascade.
Water rushes down the cool rock face, Seamlessly flowing into A crystal clear pond. When I come here, Life isn’t quite so stressful. My waterfall.
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