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So I love y'all and y'all love me? I don't know, but I do believe, our worlds exist separately, together simultaneously. I'm not blind, but I cant see. What tf y'all want from me. Is it money, is it laughs, is it honesty.
In the beginning everything was easy
  The Holiday season; the happiest time of the year. A time of love and overwhelming cheer. Our loved ones we hold close, our customs we hold dear.  
I will be whoever the fuck I want. Let me repeat that. I, Faith Rider, will be, whoever, whatever, the fuck I want. Everyone is putting themselves in boxes, "I'm straight!." "I'm Gay!" "I'm Bi!"
I don't understand This violence It sickens me To be cruel is so easy Yet to be kind is so difficult. I find this hard to believe. Although to look on the outside To believe, is so difficult.
If I am to be one thing, let me be transparent. No, not to fade off this earth. Let me reveal the dreams I nurture within me. Let my past be exposed. Let my inspirations and drives radiate through me—
if i could breathe the right words let them slip from my lips i would take my time to let you see my world... from glass eyes. if i could speak the right words hold them in my hands
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
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