Transparently We


In the beginning everything was easy

Now everyday we stress

It never rests

The perseverance to be yourself

is a naïve scandal

All too much, sometimes, to handle

Think, reflect, and read the rest


I’m scared


You’re frightened by the idea:

the idea that no one will like “me

for me”

That you wont like you

Hoping people don’t misjudge

based upon their lack of intelligence or



Scared to offend,

never be enough

Scared to fail,

but ultimately to love


Conclusively I’ve deduced my epiphany

to what’s the real we:

We are scared to be alive

Scared to see ourselves for who “I” am


I’m tired of being scared

I try to surface, yet

my persistent strides make no progress

Society says to conform and disregard all else

Tired of being slept

Slumbered and confused no longer

The era of my fears, archaic


The way life works is similar

to that of a mosaic


In the end you realize it’s a journey

The journey to transparently be me

If you cannot handle the scandal

it’s alright to say it

But never don’t play it

The beautiful game of overcoming

starts within we


Please play it with me,

with us,

with he,

with she


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