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Summer My brother and I playing pretend In our jungle of a backyard Never getting bored, In a bubble of childhood imagination
I am graduating this year and you won't see it. I will walk down that aisle, I will accept my degree I will take a step forward and then I will take a step down. I will bow to the past and face forward to my future,
I sat in the pale green light nearly disappearing into myself.
Some people judged too quick 
  I made you my home and you told me once never to make a person my home but i could not help it You were the only one i felt safe with you were full of life
The Past Something we all have But we all don't wish to remember Something that can make us Or break us The Past Something that holds our strongest memories But how strong they are
A stranger walked though the trees I felt him looking at me But you aren't a stranger at all So different from me you call You are the ghost of what had past
As a child she was instructed to stay upon her knees nightly, for forgiveness, for praise. Life progressed on; and times turned for the worst.
Is it wrong of me to be jealous that you loved them first? It’s probably silly. I loved before you. But, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been with you all along.
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