A Fire Blast into the Icy Past

My past was cold and gloomy

Just like the climate in the Arctic areas.

It wasn't as bright as an rainbow,

but it was dull enough to get a broom and sweep the dust.

I encountered and seen many events happen,

and I had to use my eyes to swallow them in 3 at a time.

A movie plays in my mind everyday,

But my brain counters me every time I want to express it

It only takes a warm fire to light up my world,

and it takes a blizzard to turn my world gloomy.

I see many people facing sad blizzards,

like the harmful tragedy in Boston Bombing.

Remnants of the past still remain in our lives

But it is our turn to set fire to the blizzard, not the rain.

Because without any warmth and comfort,

Life can be as dull as a skeleton.



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