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Great wide teeth, tear off a piece, 
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
I want to forget the way your words became teeth, Sharp, gnashing, unforgiving. You talk ‘pretty’ now. Your canines ground down and polished,
Marble halls echo the dirge Mournful walls lament There’s wailing atop the cascade of stone the descending slabs, the threshing floor there’s beating of the pulp
It happened again. You are inside your bathroom, And you just locked the door.
he clicks his tongue at me like I am a dog in response I will howl in his face
TeethI'm laughing on the outside,
All the years of winding and tightening the perfectionist urges, only to increase the craving for alteration. And finally comes the vain obligation to maintain 2 rows of 32 pearls.
when our faces were close and our mouths stillclumsyyour broken tooth always reminded me that I wasalive.and now I hear you are getting your front-right-tooth filled in because
Big white and shiny, The tooth glistens in his mouth Waiting for a meal.   A chew so graceful, Helping relieve the hunger So you do not starve.   And now after work
My heart my heart, my fickle heart Longs for the sun but lingers in dark And aims for my love, but misses the mark My heart my heart, my fickle heart
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