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welcome to my world!   my world where stars shine in the morning sky, a world where life is like a roller coaster ride. a life where pain is your only friend,  and breakfast only consists of bread.
Day 28 Did you sight the moon But the eclipse For how long Did the sun burn itselfThe earth no longer roundBut how long Didn’t you hear Eid never came It is Muharram
As he walked out Heavy hearted thoughts occupied that feeling of nothingness, for being or not being what for and how far did you not hear, the whispers rumours unknown
Fifty days, Of siege, Horror, Longing, Uncertainty, Wakefulness, Abyss, Anguish, Betrayal, Tears, Hurt, Torment, Do not be duped, There are festivities,
Did I hear you?So early eyes still shut,Leaping up from a deep slumber,Conversing so calm,Wanting to tell me,All that is unsaid, The pain in your voice,I hear with my heart.
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