The World Beyond [Kashmir]



welcome to my world!


my world where stars shine in the morning sky,

a world where life is like a roller coaster ride.

a life where pain is your only friend, 

and breakfast only consists of bread.

a place where your screams go unheard, 

and everything around you is burned.

a place where grass is dirt and dirt is blood, 

and tears flow like a flood.


hope becomes a distant memory;

grief sticks to me like glue,

and hysteria comes out of the blue,

when morning walks are on a cemetery.


love is a stubborn bond;

even after burying your pride,

the body stays alive,

and the soul moves on.


at night, under the covers, when all else is gone,

a flicker in the mind brings out,

a glimmer of hope, a forbidden fantasy,

that one day, i will see the world beyond.


-- kashmir, our world behind the barbed wire.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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