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In the golden realm where spotlights dance, Where dreams take shape with every chance, There comes a moment, bittersweet and true, The final bow, the last act for a crew.
Tonight... I'll release the pain! Tonight... I'll show you who I am! A sight... I'm afraid to let you see! A fright... A monster of a man!   I've been trying for so long to let them see,
Ya Know I Like A GOOD Show ... When It's Done ... WELL ... !!!!! From Concerts To Dramas ... To Flicks That Hit HARDER ... Than ... ABUSIVE Partners ... !!!!
Breathe in.                     Breathe out. Showtime!
Cowboy skeleton Succeeds in all stock markets But rages too much.
Dear Emile,   It was seven years ago, When you were wrapping up a show, A show of Japanese myths and legends, Both of heros and felons,
is this all a dream? or is it all real? are our lives a mirage? perhaps, we were created for fun   are we placed on this board game to do nothing but be shot down by the aspects of life?
Fade up lights 2 and 3! We want to have a general wash on the poverty, So the audience can see but not truly see the details of The decaying clothes and caved in stomachs and
My show is over There is no more to give These past twelve months Are the most I have ever lived Bonded forever
The Dumb Show By:Alexis Arellano Death is the thing I think of most, For some reason I hold it so close, It is like holding a rose, Once you start to repose, Then it snows, The wind blows,
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
The time for the daily show approached, she got her props ready.  
Welcome to show one and all
They say one door opens another closes But it seems I’m stuck in the threshold Drag me down an empty hallway One fool’s junk another’s gold   Suck it up for the onlookers Like I’m having a grand time
   A playhouse sits silently In the midst of our gloomy town Its vibrant colours and intricate patterns Hidden beneath layers of dust and dirt
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