Show last hurrah


In the golden realm where spotlights dance, Where dreams take shape with every chance, There comes a moment, bittersweet and true, The final bow, the last act for a crew.

Whispers of anticipation fill the air, As the curtain rises, a farewell to bear, Embracing the stage, each performer's art, A tapestry woven with love from the start.

The last run of a show, a poignant sight, Where emotions blend in the fading light, The laughter and tears, the highs and lows, A journey cherished that forever flows.

The actors pour their souls, their voices soar, The dancers twirl, leaving hearts to adore, The musicians play, their melodies strong, Creating harmony that lasts lifelong.

Each scene a memory, etched in time, Moments of brilliance, sublime and prime, The audience captivated, spellbound by the tale, With hearts aflame, they bid farewell, exhale.

The final notes linger, the final steps fade, A chapter ending, a serenade, Yet in the echoes of the closing refrain, New beginnings beckon, the cycle remains.

For the show may end, but its spirit prevails, In the hearts of those whose passion never fails, In memories shared, and stories passed, The last run of a show, forever cast.

So raise your glass to the magic made, To the tears shed and the accolades, For in the finale, a new chapter shall unfurl, As the last run concludes, a legacy unfurls.

In the tapestry of time, that final bow, Leaves an indelible mark, forever now, The last run of a show, a cherished treasure, A testament to art and its enduring pleasure.

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