Enjoy The Show

Blood rushes to your head
And your face is turning red 
And every word that you said
Has a double meaning

But no one can see it
And they sit in the seats 
As you stand on the stage
Just performing a play

But it's real everyday
And they just applaud
And they only say,
"You act so damn well for your age"

And you reply “yeah I know”
But you're spitting with rage. 
You stick to the script
And say thanks for coming out
And you cry inside
But don't make a sound

Because whenever you do
Whoever's around
Sees it as a show
You're tryin' to rehearse
And each verse
Cries the pain
That you don't deserve,
But you land face first
At the bottom of the pit
And you cry,
And you cry
Like the other kids did
When they saw you on stage
And they watched you perform
While you cried
While you screamed
You wish you'd never been born.
Only you know
That after the show
Was when the acting began
And when you really performed.


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