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One day you’re here, the next you’re gone Going on without you, seems so wrong. I can’t seem to think straight. My mind is always up late.   The debt of why you’re not here,
Sparks fly on dark wings Midnight falls and dawn will rise Alone before the magic hour Lighting strikes across the moor
It was like a blow to the head, Been almost three years. Still can't believe you're dead, Or that I still have all of these tears.   2012- Black Friday, Just before dawn, All I could say,
 Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
You were my friend You were very loyal But life had to give you an end Life just had to coil   We played when I was very young We played inside and out You stayed quiet when the door bell rung
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