An Angel Recruit

It was like a blow to the head,

Been almost three years.

Still can't believe you're dead,

Or that I still have all of these tears.


2012- Black Friday,

Just before dawn,

All I could say,

Was, "Stop lying! He's not gone!"


Not that kid I saw everday on bus route 7 for seven years,

With his sister in tow,

The sound of brakes being ground against gears,

Everyday, 7:16 am sharp, didn't-you-know?


That big red barn: Keep on truck-n,

180 days times seven

Years, 1,260 times down that road; always buckin',

Some days I just couldn't even!


Think, about getting older,

Seeing our lives unfold like a grand scheme,

As we grew bolder,

How did you slip from the scene?


The state's motto is, "click it or ticket",

You followed it like a pious believer,

"I'm not driving until you click it."

That day, did you have a fever?


5:00 am, "There was an accident, he

Wrecked, went through the windshield,

The driver had minor injuries, but we don't know if he will be

Okay," but in a few hours it was all revealed.


You were here, then out of sight,

November 23, 2012 in the obituary column,

Fuck! I can only hope you tried to fight!

Eventually, all I saw was you, in your coffin: bruised, beaten, solemn.


We were loose friends, brought together en route,

A loose gravel road tore you out of life,

Now you're an angel recruit,

And I'm full of strife.


In nine months, you won't graduate,

Next year, you won't go to college,

Get married, have a life of mistakes to evaluate,

And this is something I have to acknowledge.


It was like a blow to the head,

You were my friend!

To learn you were dead,

It shouldn't have been the end.


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