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Approximately 540 rooms, 658 windows, and 850 doorways. All to house the 435 lumps of dried glue and 100 paper weights we call the US Congress.  
The princess dances, draped in all the world's white: white shoes, white fan, white skirt and train,
A tired little cottage rests on a hill, swallowed whole by a surrounding verdant sea of grass, of scapes that roll and sway
television is a place where people do not look like me at all
There’re some things you’ll never understand like the reason your spine ch
If I could change one thing, Let's say about my school, It would be what we represent. Dress. Our dress code is fair And all the teachers our cool, But there's one thing that just gets to me.
I was born with this bodybreasts, cunt, curves and a certainsoftnessthat means I can't be the action herothe saviorthe martyr
The professor’s prominent position allows for him to prescribe definition To teach with traitorous teeth Troubled students beginning to teethe Alphabets for acronyms sitting atop an acropolis
Shit I Can't Say To My Teacher really should be Shit I'm Not Supposed To Say To My Teacher There's an everlasting system of authority that makes it impossible for me to ask questions
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