There’re some things you’ll never understand 
like the reason your spine chills from the touch of a man
like the reason you long for his love and affection 
when its obvious to you this is a fatal attraction

because he doesn’t love you and he never will
but you in your mind you have a role to fulfill
the role of a wifey, a girlfriend, and his true lover
so you stupidly go again and agin with no rubber


i mean.. no latex its an obvious difference

just like a real man and one with his realness inexistent

While he holds you and gives you your desired pleasure
He puts you spirit in stormy weather

He could care less about how you feel inside
but he leaves his mark,  swimming and alive
and he wont text you back until you tell him its handled
but when you tell him how you feel he switches the subject like changing channels

and when he’s done watching the show 
he lose interest and he’ll drop the remote
dropping the remote indeed he’ll do 
but remember the show he just watch was a representation of you.

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