What Would I Change?

If I could change one thing,

Let's say about my school,

It would be what we represent.


Our dress code is fair

And all the teachers our cool,

But there's one thing that just gets to me.

It's that the ones who represent my school

The cheerleaders and dancers

Do not apply to this code.


It's that we have all these rules an regulations

Yet the very people who wear my school on their shirt

Are showin more skin than I am allowed to get away with.

Just because they are in uniform.

But that my friend

Is the problem.

It is a uniform

That tells the world

Who we are,

Their skirts don't reach their fingertips,

But mine do!

Cause they have to.

I'm not saying change the uniforms.

But I'm not saying change the dress code.

All I'm saying

Is make them match.


This is obviously a draft.  It is not yet a poem of something I'd put my name on.  But the message is still here, so I can share it and fix it.  But at least it's out there.

I just don't want the world to think that it is okay for my school to dress differently--- "worse" -- when they are the ones representing where I come from.  If anything they should be dressed better.


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