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I lay in the tall grass despite being advised not to. I don’t care about snakes or bugs. I’ve found a sense of comfort in the slightest danger.  
Maybe if we cared more Maybe if we could make this less of a chore Maybe we could change it to how it was before Maybe it’s easier for us to ignore
  When I look to the water I do not see the waves Crashing Scattering the rocks and silt below When I look to the water
Mother is unique unlike her little sister moon unlike her toxic sister Venus unlike her father sun
When our people die, they become stars of the night. Igniting the obsidian sea, a veil of heavenly light.   For people like I, with godly ichor in our veins, cursed never to die,
The Gods still live They can be seen everyday If one knows where to look   Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists Wearing a pink-knit hat Calling for equality  
The by-products of humanity lay at my feet no matter what environment I'm exposed to. They creep into the peace and tranquility of natural beauty Without precaution, without emotion  Cruel and true
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