I have watched as humans slowly destroyed their precious world
How silly of them, to invent these machines
How can they forget that nature is their priority
Is it because of their screens?
Or is it that humans are impudent
For words weigh less than one simple action

Perhaps just one less shower
Perhaps just one more step to the trash can
Perhaps, perhaps,
Humans will start caring soon

I have seen birds stop and swallow a bottle cap
I have seen humans pointing,
Sounding like they feel pity for us
But the humans never stopped
No, not at this gritty place

The same mistake happens to all
For food is nowhere to be found
The only thing near
The unknown, the curiosity kills us all
Now I have fallen into the trap

Hundreds of people pass by this great river, but no one stops
Even if they see a great bird mass
Motionless on the ground,
Seeing nothing but darkness

This poem is about: 
Our world


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