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Depression is like a record player With a new record every week and it’s always scratched Right at the saddest chorus With all the saddest chords Those who never pleased the lord
I don’t want to love no more Everyone playing games Everywhere I go I see the same soul in different bodies… Different faces…
Sleep around player. Don’t be a pussy. Grab her by the pussy.   My legs are shut, Crossed, And locked with my chastity belt.
You used to take my breath away with just a single glance, Suddenly appearing behind me, You'd beg me to slow dance.   I was captivated by your confidence, And eagerness to impress,
I like laying next to you You are probably the only person I can confide in for almost everything that happens in my life But, of course, the time we have together is sacred have a girl at home 
This time I have had enough for the last time I will accept wrong in time you will see I've had enough misery so intense that I can't breath held back like a gun on safety ready to save someone of importance energy but can't succeeded for once ope
This weed got my consciousness tripping imagination hollousanation blurred vision was I put on this planet to Finnish a mission or am I stranded in this poor condition.
't u dare blow me a kiss and call me loser. I'm trying to be mad at u but now I'm smiling at a text. U say, 'u can't be mad at me' And I say, 'why's that?'
When he talks to me
I strived for perfection Finally perfect my look in the reflection Just like that the mirror cracked Broken once more Pieces to be picked up And reassembled So tired of trying to reconstruct
You look so innocent I'm here to ruin your innocence This'll last forever or crash and burn I heard you love the players. I love the game Once we're done you'll have amazing memories
1,000 miles away from eachother, you told me I was perfect. You told me I was everything you wanted. And you even told me you loved me! Yet, you were always flirting with other girls.
"Hey girl let me holla at you for a minute"What this generation has come toTrying to  get a female as quick as one twoTrying to multiply and add but never subtracting from the equation
Do not say that you have seen another way for us to play. It has not been at all okay. You took away my old routine, promised me a better day.
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