"Hey girl let me holla at you for a minute"
What this generation has come to
Trying to  get a female as quick as one two
Trying to multiply and add but never subtracting from the equation
And just wondering how many hearts were broken in this situation
Boys thinking it's cool to play with a girls heart
And just knowing they going to leave a mark
But hey hey don't forget the girls side
Thinking that only guys can have all the pride
In reality some girls are just as wide as the rest of the sidelines
A player is a player no matter what gender
You play with one heart fool me, fool with me and now that's just foolish of me
"Hehe your so sweet I really like you"
Girl you know all you like is what he can give you
Personality ,looks, cloths and money is all what these little players want
Come around the corner a nice guy none like no other
Or a girl who is just as kind and nice as your mother
Thinking damn I got the guy or girl for me
Falling so deep into the pit of what is soon to be bitterness
"He loves me, he loves me not... She loves me, she loves me not"
The sweet sound of love in the air
Sooner to find out it's as crusty as some black girls hair
He takes your heart and breaks it into piece
And she takes your life and messes with it thinking she is your misses
"Why did this happen or damn I can't believe it "
Words your now saying in the mirror of hurt
But that's what happens to a player who think they got it all
Just remember this one thing" A player can always be played ,it just takes the right person to play the game."


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