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I’ve eaten my heart out in the rain,
You're transparent as glass, but glass reflects, and I’m tired of being your panoramic affect.  
Like a drug store cassette I was blank, mummified
They’re breaking the orchid ribs,
We sit in silence puffing our breath into the frigid air,
Shouldn’t it be funny
Somewhere in this crawl space that we call a brain,
if i turned over all the pebbleS one by onE
Boredom is killing us.  It makes us reckless.    Veronica Russell
You wake up today Ready to fade away.
We're space-candy mannequins, just suckers for human sin. Count to three, it's a jawbreaker world; only sweet until it's gone and you're left with that ache in the maw. I'm a space-candy mannequin,
I’ve seen society fall apart.
I see the light  I’m crawling out
There’s something
You want a hero,
Slit my wrists and hope to die Not for one more second do I want to have open eyes Leave this world eternally Sleep forever, oh so blissfully No more worries to keep me up No reason to give a fuck
Feeling is so overrated. So I've decided not to do "that" anymore. "That" is like licking the pages of a cookbook, Stupid and silly.
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