michael brown

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After the mourning of the beasts until proven ghost, The guilty until proven dead, After the mindless melanin wars
I want my seat, I want to own my pride I seek to lay claim to what should be mine Come, let me show you how I’ve been robbed How I’ve been pushed aside as you take flight
My heart goes out to those Who have loved and who have lost To the ones who did nothing And yet still paid the cost The cost for what, their
I watch and I hear but where do I start It seems like America is falling apart This land of the free this home of the brave Is killing it’s people and digging their grave We feel everyday when we turn on the news Another hashtag is trending anothe
From the street sirens to the gun shots, she was there. From the morgue to the funeral she was there. All I see are dark skinned mothers having to be resilient. While the father and son are gone,
I am Emmett Till. I was beaten to death, so how dare you go through everyday life complaining that it's "pure hell". I'd rather be locked up in a jail cell. Or sitting in a classroom not knowing how to spell.
People label each other, it's what they do.
All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that sa
How many children will end up as hashtags? How many will get shot? How many will die? How many before there is justice?   How many will be dehumanized? How many will hold guns
If a black teen is murdered
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