Land of the Free, Home of the Grave

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 00:57 -- aferg3

I watch and I hear but where do I start It seems like America is falling apart This land of the free this home of the brave Is killing it’s people and digging their grave We feel everyday when we turn on the news Another hashtag is trending another life that we lose From Dallas in Texas all the way to Saint Paul Baton Rouge to New York we’ve covered it all These cases of death have become commonplace We treat others different because of their race With marches and riots from dawn until dark We’re hanging our brothers in Piedmont Park We try to believe the excuses we make The lies that we tell and the laws that we break The bond between police and the public is broken We write off these men and ignore the words spoken We fail to acknowledge the problem’s true root We don’t listen as they say “Hands up, don’t shoot” Our protests are peaceful until one man or two Decides shooting the cops is the thing to do So we plan the attack we shoot and we kill The very people who protect us their blood we spill News flash America we’re hurting mankind With the horrors and prejudice we put in our mind All cops aren’t murderers all blacks aren’t bad All whites aren’t racists all men aren’t mad We need to tear down these walls that hurt and divide Forget about color and look deep inside All the shootings and mass murders need to cease Because violence never brings permanent peace Hate won’t drive out all of the hate And our country will suffer under this weight Who knows if the next Treyvon will be walking my street The next Alton Sterling killed is a person I’d meet If the next Ferguson, Missouri will be my hometown If my brother will be the next Michael Brown For now we’ll keep living in this place full of shame We’ll keep torturing others and shifting the blame So, Welcome to America and the way we behave We’re the land of the free and the home of the grave

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My country


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