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i rip my hair out knowing you'll never see the beauty behind my eyes flying high and flying free   your lips are but a trap full of extacy and fire but the thought of tasting flesh
I lived in a castle once, It was called love. The walls were built
I am an anglerfish, Fishnets stuck in between my teeth, One-liner hooks spilling From bleeding gums. Anglerfish rely on a light to attract prey,
Darkness, a Titan of uncertainties, holding reins of pain. He whom stifles… He whom suffocates… He whom has not a care… The beholder of lost hopes and of misconceptions. He that wishes for the broken
The mouse in the cage tries to overcome its hardship but never knows its gone  
~ i am a bolt action remington rifle. i am the nosebleed after a fight with your dad. i am the bitter aftertaste of antidepressants.
I'm so sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.   I just wanted  To hide, I find a new reason every day.   I'm scared of Growing up, So I run,
I went to a musical, Heathers It was reccomended for sixteen year olds And up, and I'm only thirteen It was my only chance, though, Mum knew that.   Heathers has some 'heavy themes' so there were
I think maybe I am in love With The Smiths. I think maybe that’s a bit of a Problem.   You see, I think too much.
Who inspired me to write? Was it Edgar Allen Poe? It was a man whose writings have lived on since many years ago Verse, Prose, Iambic pentameter Shakespeare was the best poet of his time and after his time
You, me, go? My english is broken english Like a snail trying to reach its destination Like a baby has spoken its first word I'm not a perfection or a pro.    Nowhere to express,
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