A Castle Called Love

Sun, 12/02/2018 - 16:33 -- eva_koz

I lived in a castle once,

It was called love.

The walls were built

So high,

So that I wouldn't

Lose any of the

Riches within.

As long as I was inside,

Everything was at

My fingertips.

Expensive wine

Ridded me of thirst,

Elaborate dinners

Made me forget of hunger.

But something was wrong.

Maybe it wasn't enough for me,

Or maybe it was too much,

But I ventured beyond

That castle,

That castle called love.

The one that had protected me

From the dangers of the outside,

Now seemed like a danger itself.

Its years of craftsmanship

Made it strong enough

To withstand anything.

But could it withstand

The tornado that it had formed

In my own soul?

Had I been locked up,

With too much at

My disposal,

For too long?

At last I decided,

I didn't deserve this.

So I flung open the front door

And ran.

I ran until I could no  longer

See through the

Beads of sweat that ran

Down my perfectly

Made-up face.

I ran until my dress

Was torn into shards

And clung to my body lifelessly.

I ran until

My skin was

Bruised and cut,

Scarred and bleeding,

More than I ever thought was possible.

I ran until

My castle called love

Was no longer visible

On my horizon.

I stood there

Admiring the scenery

Far away from

My castle called love.

It was beautiful.

Nothing I could ever imagine.

But I began to hunger

And thirst for love.

And I thought,

At that time,

That it was only obtainable

In my castle of love.

Slowly, I retreated,

Cursing myself for thinking

I could live,

And love,

On my own,

Without depending on

My so-called "castle of love".

I wanted to be in the wilderness,

I wanted to live free,

And then,

Most of all,

I wanted to come back and destroy

That castle called love.

But when I reached

My castle called love,

I realized it had destroyed itself.

It no longer looked

Like a home,

The one I lived in my

Whole, dreadful life.

In this short time I was gone,

Vines engulfed the walls,

The ones that were already

Faded and fallen,

Because the legend-old

Mortar, that held together

My dear castle called love,

Had crumbled.

But at that moment I realized that

It was for the best,

And I smiled,

Truly smiled,

For probably the first time in my life.

Because I realized something

That has changed,

And shaped my life,

For the better,

For the best, even.

What is love,

if I've never felt hate?

What is full,

If I've never felt empty?

What were all of these riches,

If I never,

Until these past hour,

Knew what poor was?

If I stayed inside,

My castle called love,

I wouldn't have known the difference

Between want and need.

I would've never known

The feeling of being independent,

And relying on no one but yourself.

If I stayed inside,

I would have waited for

A prince to show up,

At my door,

Telling me he's here to save me.

Well, too bad Romeo,

The princess saves herself

In this one.

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