Darkness, a Titan of uncertainties, holding reins of pain.

He whom stifles…

He whom suffocates…

He whom has not a care…

The beholder of lost hopes and of misconceptions.

He that wishes for the broken

He that inflicts the pain of the poor

He that wants broken bones and torn skin

A tyranny of Misery and Agony, the Titan’s conspirators

They that strive to break those strong holding barriers

They that know both the weakness and the weakest

They that understand the breaking point

The twins that hold the keys to the cuffs locking you in place

They who know not when to pull the breaks

They who will never put a stop to the turmoil

They who ail all.

Not all…

Not they… but she

The girl curled up in a ball

The girl crying in bed.

The girl in pain.

She screams out a silent plead to those above

She hears all, but does not know all.

She speaks, but is not heard.

Help…. Stop… Do something…

Help does not come

They do not stop

Nothing is done

The girl learns in this absence

The girl learns to find strength in mind.

The girl learns to find strength from those whom care.

The girl learns hardship will only make her stronger, clearer to ignorance

She fights the tears threatening to stain her cheeks

She fights through those harsh words and barbs

She fights for a place in life, to belong

They mean nothing to her, those insidious little beings

They who sneer and upturn their noses as she chooses to be herself

They who are made of plastic and perfection

The girl is reborn into that of an iron will, and prickly defense

Those demons cannot hurt her no more

Their King, their Titan has fallen

She has become better

She has become she

She who is unique


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