'love' 'truelove' 'iloveyou' 'becauseiloveyou'

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I sat at the corner of a coffee shopA cup of hot coffee, a cozy-cold day,Across the road, wearing a suitIs an old man, sitting beside a grave.I can't help but see what others ignore
Once enamored by an angel, I fell captive to thy heart. Snatched from Heaven’s cradle, Now shelter to my heart.
Next to you is the quietest my mind has ever been, the noise has finally found its peace.   Next to you my scars, insecurities and fears  Have developed into stars.
A tree stands tall in a green paradise Proud and independent of all support This oak is free of sin and evil vice This perfect image time does not distort
Love, A beautiful emotion, thick as ice. Love is very very nice. Damaging at first It could truly get worse But, I met a boy Stranger than most Oh that boy I love the most.  
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