In Memory of...



I sat at the corner of a coffee shop
A cup of hot coffee, a cozy-cold day,
Across the road, wearing a suit
Is an old man, sitting beside a grave.
I can't help but see what others ignore
Two half-filled glasses of wine and a red rose.
I look around and not a soul I see,
A glass for him;
For whom could the other one be?
I caught his lips mutter
But the sight is unclear
I can't make out the words
The words that only the long gone could hear.
I am intrigued, by the sight I see
I want to know what their story could be.
In this busy world, where no one has time for none
Here sits a man with his invisible loved one.
I thought to myself,
How blessed should the buried one be?
For even after death,
They don't feel lonely.

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Our world
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