Love is Unexpected


A beautiful emotion, thick as ice.

Love is very very nice.

Damaging at first

It could truly get worse


I met a boy

Stranger than most

Oh that boy I love the most.



I met that boy

O' so long ago,

He was a boy

That I was scared to know

A boy so strange

as strange as snow, in the month of May.



The boy so kind

so out of his mind.

the part I never realised

was that he was like me




and ready to give up.



That is what I felt

a kiss warmer than the glaciers, as if they melt.

But love is a beautiful thing, you see

Though as precious as it may seem

The beautiful thing is that boy,

that boy whom has a dream.



Months have passed, and I know its true

That even if you may be strong and soft

Sensitive and loving

Harmed by others who believed you were nothing.

But you are something,

something that can never be replaced 

something that is infinite

infinite like space.


Love is always true

seeing the love in your eyes

I'll stay with you

because I love you

and will never leave you.




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