Captive to Thy Heart

Once enamored by an angel,

I fell captive to thy heart.

Snatched from Heaven’s cradle,

Now shelter to my heart.

Have in me thy earthly dwelling, 

I’ll have in thee life’s-strart.

Bound to thee my angel, 

I’ll give to thee my heart. 


Of dauntless love many may boast,

Anon find its end, 

A dainty love, courtly love,

Strong enough to bend. 

Though in many same silver palace,

Thou could’st find thy heart’s abode,

Still make in me - though poor it be -

Whare untouched by storm’s corrode. 

Thou wilt never, then or now,

Nor in days yet to be,

Find another in thy place - 

In this shielding built for thee. 

Dankest storms may crash and clash -

Rail upon our stone-laid door -

Still this temporal faze,

Time's steady gaze,

It will not yet ignore. 


Mortal - yet immortal,

To my eyes will ever be.

For before thou take’st thy last breath,

My life I’ll give for thee. 

In battles famed and furious -

At desolate desert dawn,

A'fore heaven's host to witness -

When if all this world be gone,

Enamored by an angel,

From dawn to midnight's sea,

Before thou breath'st thy last breath, 

My life I’ll drain for thee. 


Truest words a tongue will slander -

Gauze and twist askew, 

Find in pure, hell’s own terror -

Angel christened shrew.

I will not trust to earthly bander 

My treasure from above, 

But sign my oath betwixt the stars,

Heaven testify my love.

No age that was, time that is

Nor eternity yet to be 

Will veil this lasting truth - 

The love I bear for thee. 

The deepest mists may shadow,

Pull a shroud athwart the sky,

Still this hellish haze,

Time's steady gaze,

It will not yet defy. 


Still enamored by an angel,

I fall captive to thy heart.

Heaven's meekest diadem,

Solace to my heart. 

Have in me thy cherub's sanctum,

I'll have in thee life's-heart.

Bound to thee my angel,

I give to thee my heart. 


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