intrusive thoughts

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There are thousands of possible reasons for every thought you have For every action you take For every mental process There are reasons you don't even know Psychology
Blood: Pulsing. Stomach: Lurching. Eyes: Blurring.   Palpitations…   Palpitations…   I know you hate me.
Don't worry There's no need It's mild.   I have no need to scrub my skin raw No need to compulsively arrange objects in a specific order I do not quadruple-check windows, doors, the stove, my car
I’m thinking St. Jude has got a hold on me My head my hands my head Shaking so violently Hand me a bottle, babe I can’t breathe I need to breathe
Walking down the street Smiling at people that I’ll never meet Perpetually conscious of the fact that I’m alone But glad that I’m not at home Hey there friend
Dear Obsess Obsess Obsess Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Are you really sure we need to keep Checking and washing And checking
Every time you ask me how I'm doingI tell you I'm goodThat life is greatThat I'm happyWhat I didn't tell youIs that I haven't slept in three daysThat my mind is exhaustedWhat I didn't tell you 
POUNDING POUNDING The thoughts want in, - - POUNDING POUNDING They will be my end, - - POUNDING POUNDING They want to control my functions, - - POUNDING POUNDING
intrusive invasive unwanted these thoughts that won't let me be free   They say I'm hopeless They at I'm hated It seems like nothing can make them stop   They say I'm a failure
I tried to tell you      When I was twelve years old     That I was experiencing something I couldn't nor wanted to explain    
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