There are

thousands of possible reasons

for every thought you have

For every action you take

For every mental process

There are reasons

you don't even know


the study of the mind


the study of society

crafted by people asking why

I don't know why

I don't know

if it's OCD

or just intrusive and impulsive thoughts

I don't know

if it's synesthesia

or visual agnosia

I don't have answers

I can't find

the source

I just

manage the symptoms

The thoughts

of gore and other things

The sight

of spoken word and soundless movement

I wonder why

What's in my head

What happens

When I see people

as animals

When I think

of nothing

of blood

of other things

When I am quiet

ly waiting

for the flashes

to end

I wonder why

I don't know

Probably because

I'm undiagnosed


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