Walking down the street

Smiling at people that I’ll never meet

Perpetually conscious of the fact that I’m alone

But glad that I’m not at home

Hey there friend

Nice to see you again

I can’t help but notice that you’re close to the edge

What would happen if you stepped off of that ledge

And the bus driver didn’t see you?

What would these people do?

Would anyone scream?

Shut up.

Leave me alone.

Cutting tomatoes for lunch in the family kitchen

I know that there must be some glitch in

My mind

Because behind

Everything that I’m thinking

Is a sinking


A voice that says

Hey there friend

Nice to see you again

What if you let the knife linger

Just a little bit over your finger

And what if it slipped?

The blood dripped

Into the salad?

Could they taste it?

Would they scream?



Stop it.

I told you to leave me alone.

Sitting on the front of the pontoon

Sunkissed hair like a sand dune

Whipping around my face

But it can’t erase

Those words

That thought

Hey there friend

Nice to see you again

This boat isn’t too fast and I can’t help but wonder

If you jumped off right now and went under

Would your dad notice in time to turn?

Or would they see the water churn

And come up red with your chopped remains?

Water so dyed that it leaves stains?

Would your sister wonder what had happened to your brains?

Would she scream?



Please stop.

I didn’t ask for this.

Get out of my head.

Get out of my head!

Get out of my head!

You’ve heard what I’ve said!

Get out of here!

The anxiety and fear

That you bring with you

Isn’t true!

It’s unwarranted!

I’m disgusted!

But it’s over now, You’re busted!

I swear to god you make me doubt myself one more fucking time

And I’ll scream.


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