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One thousand pieces spread across the table; Completely overwhelmed with where to start. At first look, they blend among the others, But different shades are obsolete to the norm.  
Please ignore this poem!!! It was not meant to be Please ignore this poem!!! Because, you see   By some glitch of some sort Or error on my part It seems the same poem two times did depart
Ignore my cuts ignore my scars  ignore my eyes ignore my heart.
Ignore, you will lose Tell, you will lose. Act, you will lose. Listen, you will win.  
today as the sun beats overhead,he sits one table and a dry riverbed to my leftshuffling his feet along the grimy cafeteria floors.his eyes glisten like shattered glass on pavement
The act of ignoring someone is: refusing to take notice of or acknowledge them   When you're ignored, you learn to live in a world of silence.
I can't let go of the past. It isn't that simple. The memories are engraved in my brain  Like the scars on skin. They play in my head over and over Like a movie on loop. If I could simply forget them
I'm okay, When I refuse to look you in the eye. I'm okay, When I hide in the shadows. I'm okay, When I hide behind my fringe. I'm okay, When the world is ignoring me. I'm okay,
Behind the curtain I watch you You on center stage Taking my glory But I don't mind.
Do you really want to knowWhere in the world do we go?Close your eyes.   Can I ask you to hold me,To tell a great lie to me?Close your eyes.  
Chased down the halls, Laughter pounding your ears. Kids yelling names your way. As you run, you grow smaller.  Fianlly, Find your favorite teacher. Plead for help,
Please… Just look my way. For a second, A moment, A wrinkle in time. I wish you would
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