Please Ignore This!

Please ignore this poem!!!

It was not meant to be

Please ignore this poem!!!

Because, you see


By some glitch of some sort

Or error on my part

It seems the same poem two times did depart

Into the vast universe of the internet.

I couldn't delete one of them,

So I figured this was my best bet

To just replace the old poem with one that was new.

One probably very annoying for you.

I apologize, but I guess it's ok

Because the title is "Please Ignore This!" anyway.


Please ignore this poem!!!

It has come to an end

Please ignore this poem!!!

I just wasted your time, friend



SO sorry guys there must have been a glitch or something, it seems I accidentally posted this twice??? I'll try to fix it super sorry about that :|


OK I fixed it... sorta? Replaced it with the worst poem ever trying to explain the situation

If you didn't get the message from the "poem", basically I accidentally posted the same poem twice. And since I couldn't delete it, it wouldn't work for some reason, I replaced it. 


I just love how this is getting almost twice as many reads as the original XD

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