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dante's inferno has got nothing on meI've spent time in the psych wardsa forever in therapyso many drugsand none of them can cure methe vivid images I seeand the voice I don't ownare my friends and my enemiesotherwise I am mostly alonetoo overwhel
It's taken a life to meet you A season to leave you I do it again- just to meet you to try to mend all we let defeat you and I again
How can I hate those who raised me, When I am their baby? And I know that they hurt me, But I have been learning, That they are people too, There's a bunch of fucking shit that they went through.
For the time has come, I am to leave the nest that once was created by Mother Bird.   Ready to take on the world And unaware of what is to come.
A little girl with a book on the playground Not the easiest kid to be around   But now things have changed and rearranged Just kidding, I’m involved in the knowledge exchange  
The field blossomed and grew.  As its spring began anew. Twice it had bloomed and died, But the third time it thrived! No longer a minor player due to missing tools
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