Passed down from our Moms & Dads

It's taken a life to meet you
A season to leave you
I do it again- just to meet you
to try to mend
all we let defeat you and I again

never meant to mislead
was looking to settle down
could've settle down
if I spent more time
with you instead of
running all over town

was it the dope
or is that my mask
underneath the pain
it's where I like to dance

cuts you and us
right in half
others would say
we don't look that bad
till they see our home
how driven insane we are
and intensely mad

I do it all again
to find the peace
to attain my sanity
when we both have gone insane
Don’t stay mad at me
no one is here to blame
it's just our familiar well-known tragedy
passed on to us
from our
Moms & Dads

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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