'Gender' transgender

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I wasnt a boy back thenI wasnt a girl, eitherA boy denied boyhoodA girl misplacedA child left ashamed
It is trans day of remembrance Another vigilAnother memorialMore and more lost each year
Stuck Im stuck Stuck  inside a body thats not mine Stuck with a name i never wanted Bound to a character in a show i never tried out for Someday ill break out of this cage im in But for now im 
He left. I couldn’t help. He left me.  Again. But did he? The anxiety. The pain. The fear. The nightmares.
As I stood Crying into my mahogany lined mirror Tracing the curves that curse meThe wood reminds me of soft spots where it is solidThe wood dark and musky, masculine in nature mocks my feminine bodyMy body’s looking wrongThe mirror distorts and po
Dear Deadname,   You are a gorgeous young woman. You will do many great things. You have a beautiful smile, And a gorgeous face.  
A tender feeling, a place to remember  Plenty of nescient people nearby Small local shops owned by families of eight Indistinguishable back roads and ways out the state
Oh how the pain It’s sad and hard to be a young trans boy No one thinks I’m a real man Everyone wishes I would die already Everyone calls me a girl I’m sick
I long for the feeling of being myself Will this ever stop? Thoughts are racing, Slowly but surely I’m becoming more and more of myself, And each step I take,
Family They are everything To the outsider, we are perfect. No rough edges. No problems. No imperfections. No one sees the internal workings of a broken machine.
emptiness is a closet full of your old clothes, ill-fitting and unnatural, waiting to be brought out.   it seems crazy to know they were once part of you.  
You forward my calls You tell all the lies Everyone believes  And it all transpires   I just need you But you don’t want me
The family of four They threw me away Didn’t want five They say I play Too many games And bring sorrow
Paint  by Jaylen Espinoza    You paint me every day Since I was born Tell me what I am  Who I can be
I need to numb the hurt I cannot face this hurt When it looks so much like you I pick up swords To fight you off But they turn to sand in my palms
Younger then, i remember not understanding why people would want to escape their bodies.
Today won’t you hold him tightTell him he is not aloneTell him he is man enough, he is handsome, he is strong
'It's a choice'   I wish.   Because if it was a choice, I would choose to wake up every day to a body that matches my mind   If it was a choice,
A Phase Ago By: L Bonaccio   A phase ago I was stark, eager to please, and conflicted I constantly reassign the person I am to fit into a box so I won’t end up alone
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