'free verse'

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His blood stains your face.    Red streaking down in beautiful, elegant drops.   It feels as if time slows and the world has stopped,
assign me a causeand make me a martyrburn me at the stakeand ascribe some meaning to the flamestake me down in a rain of bulletsand tell the world I died for change  
The failures! The consumed! The good-for-nothings! The irresponsible! The immature! The insane! We are called by so many names that it's hard to keep track of them all,
I find it hard to indulge in the foreign practices that appear before me, especially when I see them all laughing canonically and seldom sighing in defeat, and when
Her roots run so deep holes look down to glare.  Organic drums placed on her hips cause them to fear. But it attracts a friend called rhythm, who is smooth.
The god of tricking people, they say he is. sulking alone in a basket of lies; however, Loki no longer wants to be under that disguise. Alone, he sat, watching himself on the screen
i have never really felt enough of anything, just mere bombardments in the pit of my stomach relinquishing all things glorious 
Learning to do laundry Watching the world change Helping with watching siblings Going into a new grade Teaching others how to do certain tasks Paying bills
You grow a little bit number every year. You grow a little bit more tired every year (are you alright?).
Noticing   Every time I come to the book shop I see her mysterious, quiet the girl with smokey green almond eyes her hair a deep brown, falling smooth and straight, ends brushing her shoulders
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