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Every time I come to the book shop

I see her

mysterious, quiet

the girl with smokey green almond eyes

her hair a deep brown, falling smooth and straight, ends brushing her shoulders

She doesn't seem to notice me

her lips part softly, her eyes swimming in her cup of tea,

its steam rises against her chin

The sky outside is dark, grey

the distant ocean like black mud

from the book shop window

She captivates me

We need to talk

have a conversation.

but not now.




She is here again today

her dress decorated with Taj Mahal and tigers, a light blue

There is an empty seat across from her

I take it

she doesn't look

the cover of her book is painted with constellations

What's that book you're reading?

A book about witchcraft, and astrology

It's interesting.

I see you here a lot.

I see you here, too.

What's your name?



A strange name for a strange girl

or is she perfectly ordinary?

We read quietly

I steal glances at her

Her bangs hide her eyebrows

she has freckles that I haven't noticed before

Unnoticable from afar

We read

and look 

Almost every day after this

we see each other

We talk and smile

Yalda blushes

her smile wide

her teeth bright

Almond eyes sparkle

Do you want to go out?

I ask one day






We meet not at a restaurant

we go to the beach

Yalda's shirt is a tangle of constellations

a heavy gold necklace sits around her neck

black pants and tan sandals

We walk down the beach

the stars reflect off the sea

the moon shines off her cheekbones

perfect cheekbones

dark red lips shine in the moonlight

big, wide eyes move along the beach

we reach the end 

where the sand turns to rock

She swings around and runs

Runs along the beach, kicking up sprays of sand

sand clings to the ends of her pants

Almond eyes turn to me

she stops

takes my hand

It is soft, comfortable, smooth

Perfect red lips meet mine

dark brown bangs touch my forehead

is it love?


Year Together


We spend every day together

at the book shop, at her house

into the summer

we spend days laying on her hardwood floor

being washed by the sun

hands together

Summer fades to fall

we walk hand in hand through the orange and yellow

Yalda's neck hidden by scarves

cold wind blowing through the leaves

Fall turns into dark, long winter

the sky is grey

the days are short

and the nights are long

but it gives me more time to hold her

more time to love her

the ocean always looks like mud now

the clouds hide the sun during the day

the constellations shine down at night

we spend cold nights out together

her favorite constellation is Cassiopeia

It's mine now, too

Yalda is still dark 


her thoughts hidden from me in a dark black haze

I love her,




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