The Shadow Near Mama Africa

Her roots run so deep holes look down to glare. 

Organic drums placed on her hips cause them to fear.

But it attracts a friend called rhythm, who is smooth.

She donates her air, oils, and diamonds as food.

Sacrificing her nature given by God, 

Mama’s supplies we're taken all abroad.

My mama and your mama birthed all colors as her job.

Her timber, iron, and steel razed by a mob.

Mama distributes a nameless type of love.

Years of summer and spring hugs; undreamed of.

A guidance of rivers a man must trust. 

A bleeding beauty awaiting to bust. 

From your vast land and distinct animals 

To white paint stained on us mammals, 

Shine the jungles lights they’ve embezzled. 

 Oh mama! 

Since Smugglers and imperial thugs have penetrated your temple, 

Shine the jungle lights they've embezzled.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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